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Any programming language is a framework based on which we can build new software, games, databases and many more things. But the language in itself is nothing but a platform on which anything can be done. This ability to do anything comes from a variety of packages and modules present for the language. For example, if we have a car body and we don’t have wheels, will it move? Similarly, packages and modules provide some extra features that make any programming language good. The availability of many packages for the java language makes it one of the most popular languages, if not most popular. Python does not stay behind with its ever-increasing community. Every day new programs are made using python language with the help of newly developed packages. The simple design of the python language also makes it easy for developers to create custom packages easily but that's not the point we will be discussing in this article. 

This article will cover the top 10 packages/modules from python that every new python programmer should at least try. Some of the modules here will be standalone and some of the modules will be better learned in combination with other modules. The main motive for this article is to help upcoming programmers decide what they want to achieve by programming. One may want to be a web developer, another may want to be a data scientist. So this article may help in finding the right path for one’s programming journey. There are various packages from python that are super useful for different applications but we will only look at the top 10 modules as a beginner.

Before we dig into the article please keep in mind what career direction you want to go as a programmer. It will be a lot easy to understand what we are trying to discuss.

Below are the top 10 python modules for beginners: 

  1. Tkinter 

  2. JSON

  3. PyGame

  4. BeautifulSoup

  5. Pillow

  6. Opencv

  7. Django

  8. Pandas 

  9. Matplotlib

  10. Tensorflow

  1. Tkinter 

Tkinter is short for Tk Interface which has been considered as a standard for GUI applications by many developers. If we need to make an application that contains GUI (Graphic User Interface), Tkinter is our go-to module. It makes it easy for users to understand how to perform something in the application. We can always create a python script with the Tkinter module and convert it into a .exe file and we have software to use. 

Some of the similar modules are: PyQt, WxPython

  1. JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is kind of a universal language that we can use in any programming language. We can easily Interact with java or python if we have our data in JSON format. It can be loosely described as a syntax that can be used to store data and exchange the data whenever required. JSON is inbuilt in python which. It is mostly used with APIs where we want to use universal syntax to get and store data. Therefore, if we are working with different frameworks and we need to transfer data between them, we should try out JSON for sure. 

  1. PyGame

PyGame module is something everyone should try out. As the name suggests, this module can help in building games using python language. PYGame is a platform that provides a wrapper for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) which enables cross-platform support for computer media such as a mouse, keyboard, joystick, sound, video etc. It is similar to Tkinter at some level where we need to have GUI for our game. This can be a module to start with if one plans to go for game development. 

  1. BeautifulSoup

BS is mostly used to extract useful information from the XML and HTML files. It works with an Html or XML parser. It can be used to scrape the internet for data like extracting images and extracting text and URLs.  Handling the Html and XML tags has made it easy with BS making is suitable for internet data scraping of just extracting information out of Html or XML files. This module can work best when combined with powerful modules like selenium and requests. Selenium and Requests provide the extra power for web scraping.  

  1. Pillow

Pillow is an image processing library forked from Python Imaging Library (PIL). This library provides extra support for processing images in python by providing support for extra formats and new capabilities to process images. It provides the ability to process images in a batch and archive them. It is compatible with various GUI modules like Tkinter and PythonWin. One of the interesting features of this module is that we can also extract some statistical data from images which can be valuable for statistical analysis. The extraction of information can also be used to analyse and change the image contrast automatically. This module in combination with modules like moviePy can be a career option for smart audio, video and image editing.

Some similar python modules: OpenCv, PIL and Scikit-image. 

  1. OpenCV

OpenCV (Open source computer vision library) is a C++ based module where hundreds of computer vision algorithms are used to make it better in image handling. Consider this as a heavy version of PIL and Pillow with all added capabilities. It works with both image and video. It is not surprising that most machine learning experts and enthusiasts use OpenCV for operations like video analysis, 3D reconstruction, camera calibrations and object detection. It is advanced in handling video and images where images are stored in an array on which many other filtering and modification can be done. This is best for machine learning and advanced image processing. 

  1. Django

Django is a platform for web developers. It is used where fast development is required along with a pragmatic and cleaner design format. It handles mostly all the hassle of web development and allows programmers to focus on the coding. It handles all the security, headers and database using default middlewares that makes it easy to work with. Another feature that makes Django a must try module for web development is that it is scalable. 

Other web development frameworks by python: pyramid and flask    

  1. Pandas 

Pandas is a module that will help in processing the relational and labelled data with so much ease. Different types of data like Tabular, hierarchical, excel, ordered, unordered, statistical data etc. are supported by pandas. This ability to handle different data types makes it a top choice for data analysis. Many data analytic engineers prefer pandas for processing and extracting useful information from complex data. This makes it a good module to start learning if we choose data analysis as a career. 

  1. Matplotlib

It is a data visualization tool in python. It can easily create interactive and animated visuals for data. Possibly any type of graph or chart we can think of, this module can plot it using python. Bar graphs, histograms and pie charts look very common in matplotlib where it can provide much more complex plots. Because of its data representation capabilities, it can be used with pandas and NumPy to analyse the data. This plot of different kinds makes it a first choice to represent complex data for machine learning. 

Other similar modules: Plotly

  1. Tensorflow

Tensorflow is defined as fast numerical computing. Google released it for machine learning tasks. It is an open-source module that can help develop, train and build ML modules.  It behaves as a base for many deep learning modules that exist around the world. Libraries such as Keras and can use TensorFlow’s capabilities to build a model that can perform various tasks such as image recognition or text generation. 

Other similar modules: Theano, scikit-learn, Keras

Final Words

We have seen some of the top python modules that every beginner should at least try to figure out what career he wants to choose. Various modules perform different tasks. Trying out these modules may start a spark in someone to pursue a career and maybe someday we can see new achievements because of that. The motive of this article is to help beginners see the vast sea of things that python can do. There are modules like TensorFlow which can perform best when combined with other libraries like Keras or scikit-learn, and there are modules like JSON, which is complete in itself. Therefore, we should always try out different things when we start our programming career and stick to what makes us feel comfortable.

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