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“Programming for kids” is one of the most debatable subjects in the current time. Many people argue that programming can be a burdensome task for kids while others support for teaching programming to kids. Programming is just another language but can set a strong foundation of life success for children. 

Why programming is good for kids?

It is of no doubt programming gifts innumerable benefits to kids from good job opportunities, creativity and problem solving to many other benefits. Here is a list of those benefits that programming can offer to children:

  1. Programming helps children become creative: With programming, children are encouraged to learn and practice experiments that help in sharpening their minds. They become more confident to display their creativity skills. When they are taught programming, they get the opportunity to develop something of their own using exciting and fun manner. Kids get empowered with programming to use technology and digital media along with creating the same. When they learn to program, natural motivation infuses within them to transform their imagination into reality. 

  2. Programming fosters problem-solving: It would not be wrong to consider programming as basic literacy in this digitalized world. After learning to program, children become able to understand that there are multiple ways to do something. It also makes them aware of how things work along with using programming creatively and logically for solving problems. Everyone wants their kids to be excellent and confident problem solvers to enable them to deal with future problems. Besides, they learn to solve complex problems by breaking down through programming. And this approach can apply to most of the other professional fields. Programming offers the problem-solving trait to children that can help in general life as well. 

  3. Programming teaches to be persistent or resilient: Handling problems and making mistakes while resolving it is common but the real challenge comes when the person fails. Ability to bounce back has become rare these days. And with programming, children get enable to view failure in a positive light as it offers a learning opportunity. Programming motivates children to try and try again till they reach to the solution and outcomes they desire for. It teaches how to solve any problem along with supporting in looking out for relevant solutions through collaboration and research. 

  4. Programming teaches how to play with math: Although programming requires basic math, it can help children know how to apply math to real-world problems. Math can be a boring or difficult subject for numerous kids but programming makes it more engaging, creative and fun. When they learn to program, they become able to grasp some skills such as data organization and analysis. It helps them to grow and strengthen their math skills. They learn to use calculations and logic in their manner while developing something. It compels to bring their learning in math into practical application. 

  5. Children become computational thinker with programming: They learn a problem-solving methodical process similar to computers along with cognitive skills while learning to program. They learn a variety of things such as using pattern recognition and abstractions, logical data organization and analysis, break down of complex problems, finding and implementing the procedures and analyzing outcomes. Children learn computational thinking to find out solutions for practical problems. Besides, they can apply computational thinking in other situations or fields as well. 

  6. Children get a better understanding of the world through coding: Coding is a crucial part of programming. Coding assists children in knowing the world in a better way. Undoubtedly, there are innumerable things that we use on daily basis but are not aware of how they run. These things may be mobile phones, video games, laptops and social media networks etc. When children become aware of basic programming, they learn how to interact with these technologies differently. Also, it can expose to countless potentialities that coding offers. 

  7. Programming has the potential of a bright future: When we look around the way this world is experiencing developments, we realize that programming is one of the most demanding and useful skills. Not only IT sector, but other sectors have also started to rely on programming and coding that gives immense employment opportunities. Learning to program can bring children one step closer to a promising career in future in any sector such as retail, IT or finance and so on. That is why children should be taught programming at the school level. 

Why not teach programming to kids? 

However, even after so many favourable reasons, there are some opinions regarding why programming should not be taught to children. Some experts say that childhood is meant to be played and enjoyed. Pushing down them for the interest or career in programming since such a little age would not be less than ruining their childhood. 

Children should be taught programming after they attain the age of 15-16 years old. Experts suggest that children should get more opportunities to explore fields such as science, math or other before developing expertise in a specific field. 

Additionally, kids love and show a keen interest in robotics and computer games since they find fun and enjoyment in this. But taking this as a sign of their career readiness is completely wrong. 

Also, as per some studies, approximately 60% of the technical skills transform into obsolescence every 2 years and learning programming 5-6 years ago will surely be of no use till that time. 


After all this discussion, I think that programming should be given a chance in schools for kids. As time passed, people have now understood that learning to program is a simple and exciting task since it caught a great hype during the launching phase because of its novelty and newness to the education system. It can help develop innumerable valuable skills to kids that can assist in their career such as persistence, communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving and resilience and so on. 

Additionally, excellent job opportunities and potentiality of a healthy salary are one of the reasons why parents desire their children to learn to program. High demand for experienced programmers and lack of valuable skills in software, IT and other sectors motivate parents to go for programming. Therefore, I believe that programming can be excitingly taught to them. 

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